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Control Anything!


RTI can control your Home Theatre, Smart TV's, Lighting, Climate, Blinds. Access Control, Irrigation, CCTV cameras and much more. If it's electric it can probably be controlled, the list is endless.


From Anywhere!

You can control your home or office systems from anywhere in the world as long as you have internet connectivity. So turning on your AC at the end of the day as you drive home is a breeze. Although RTI can sense the temperature inside your home and turn on the AC Automatically. Answer your front gate and allow access to the courier, open the garage and watch the courier deliver that important parcel then lock up behind him. You never 'have' to be home.

No More Remotes!

With RTI there are no remotes. Unclutter your coffee table and use your smartphone instead.

Aleera Home Page iPhone.jpg
Media Select Source.jpg
Media Foxtel Page.jpg
Aleera Camera Page 2.jpg

Your fully customizable RTI system can be anything that you want it to be. Any design, any colour. Your imagination is the only limiting factor.


In the example above, the menu is found at the top of each page.


The Menu bar is made up of 6 options as shown above.





Pressing the Room Select page takes you to the 'Room Select' page in the system. In this case there are 3 rooms and an 'All Room Select' page for Sonos multi room audio.

Selecting the Media Room brings up the 'Source Select' page for that room. In this instance there are 4 sources for the Media Room. Selecting 'Foxtel' does the following:

  1. switches on the projector and Foxtel box.

  2. switches on the amplifier for the surround sound system and sets the preset volume for the room and the sound mode for Foxtel.

  3. waits for the projector to warm up, then switches the HDMI input of the projector to the Foxtel box.

  4. lowers the Media Room lighting to the 'watch Foxtel' level.

  5. finally it changes the phone to the Foxtel Page.

All of these steps operate automatically doing away with the projector, amplifier, lighting and Foxtel remotes. Other 'Sources' selected on the 'Source Select' page operate in a similar fashion.

Once the Foxtel page appears you can adjust or mute the volume, change to another source, change the sound mode of the amplifier or shut the room down, the latter returns the phone to the 'Room Select' page.

To the right of the 'Room Select' button is the 'Access Control' page selection. pressing this button takes the user to the cameras page showing various camera shots from the CCTV around the home. Below the camera screens are buttons which (when required) operate gates, garages or doors.

The 'Lighting Select' page selector is the next button to the right, This button takes you to different pages depending on which room is selected as follows:


  1. No Room Selected - If you have not selected a room it takes you to a 'Room Lighting' select page where you select the room who's lights, you wish to adjust.

  2. Specific Room Selected - if you have selected a room (for example Media Room as above) pressing the button takes you to the Media Room lights and so on.





The fourth menu option is the Irrigation page. On this page you can:

  1. run a specific sprinkler zone.

  2. run the entire program.

  3. stop all sprinklers or.

  4. Enable / Disable the preset program.

Menu Button 5 takes you to a weather page. This weather information can be sourced from a number of places but, in this instance, the data is being supplied by a weather station on the roof of the home.

The last menu option takes you to a settings page where select settings are able to be adjusted.


The example above is one of hundreds of designs that we have effected over the years. Your RTI interface can be as simple or complex as you want. You just tell us what you want to control and what you want the interface to look like. Your control can be via iPad, iPhone or any android device.

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