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IControl by HPM is obsolete

We have infrequently been called out to service a C-Bus system only to find that it is actually HPM iControl.


A brief History:

Back in the day HPM and Clipsal were somewhat fierce competitors. Electricians were either in one camp or the other. It seemed that HPM was installed mostly into 'project' homes and units at the cheaper end of the market. Today you will find HPM sold by the large hardware stores and, as a result, electricians rarely install their products. In the late 90's HPM tried to go head to head with Clipsal C-Bus by importing an overseas product and re-badging it as HPM iControl. When it didn't gain market acceptance HPM promptly dropped the product and stopped any support leaving a number of Gold Coast residents with a non-supported product.

Over the years we have come across a few iControl systems that have stopped operating. We did initially try to assist homeowners in getting support for the product and found an electrical contractor in Sydney who bought all of the spare parts from HPM when they shut iControl down. To say that his service call fee to the Gold Coast was steep was an understatement. Furthermore with limited spares he could not reliably guarantee that the faults could actually be repaired.

iControl is cabled with a standard figure 8 cable which joins the switches with the central dimmer/relay modules. Whilst this cable is less than ideal, we have successfully replaced iControl with Clipsal C-Bus on a number of occasions. If you are looking to replace your iControl system then call us. We can replace your obsolete system with C-Bus, a product of Australian manufacture that has a stellar 30 years of ongoing support to the Australian and overseas markets.


Some images of our latest iControl changeover are shown below.

iControl System prior

to upgrade


Just a big jumble of wires

The Figure 8 is illegal in this situation


The Replacement C-Bus

system which has been fully supported since 1995

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