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Push Controls Gold Coast

Push Controls was an Australian automation company purchased by Schneider in 2014. As at 2020 Push is no longer on the market and we are reliably informed that the product line is dead. So what do you do if you cannot repair your Push products? Perhaps RTI is the right replacement product.

RTI Gold Coast Dealer

​So who or what is RTI?


Remote Technologies Inc (RTI) is an American company based in Minnesota and has been operating since 1992. Theatre Designer, RTI's original automation software is in the CEDIA Hall of Fame. All RTI systems are backward compatible so regardless of the era of an RTI System the current software will be able to change the program. ​Push was (to some degree) modeled on the RTI System. In Australia the RTI distributor is based in Sydney Read More About RTI and see an example system HERE

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