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Electricians Plus is a fully qualified Electrical Contractor and a certified Schneider PointOne C-Bus Integrator.

C-Bus Programmer vs C-Bus Electrician


Many C-Bus programmers are not electricians. There are limitations to what they can do for you in troubleshooting and repairing your C-Bus home automation system. If you are not an electrician then you are not permitted, by law, to remove the covers of the electrical enclosures that C-Bus modules are installed into. These covers protect you and your family from electric shock. Every repair that we have done in the last 5 years has required us to remove these panel covers. While some of these 'programmers' will remove covers, they risk being fined and worst of all, can actually void your insurance if their unlicensed work is the cause of a fire. Hence most will ask you to engage a qualified electrician to assist them and this can double the repair cost. At the other end of the spectrum is the electrician who does a bit of C-Bus work every now and then, but really has no faultfinding experience.


Electricians Plus is a fully  licensed electrical contractor. We are well versed in repairing, programming and fault finding C-Bus installations. We only repair C-Bus and only do electrical work associated with C-Bus. Our first C-Bus installation was in 1996. We are local Gold Coast born and bred.

C-Bus was developed by Clipsal in the 1980's. Clipsal was sold to the multinational Schneider Electrical Group in the early 2000's. Since then, Clipsal and Schneider have continued to upgrade and expand the C-Bus product and have invested heavily in an accredited professionals program.  Over many years Electricians Plus has gained the top level of C-Bus accreditation initially as a PointOne integrator and more recently as an Ecoxpert, Lighting and Room control which is Schneider's latest accredited professionals iteration.

Electricians Plus invests heavily in professional development and our staff regularly attend C-Bus and associated refresher courses.

One of the very first C-Bus residential installations was done in the mid 90's in Southport. Our lead engineer was involved with the project. We believe it to be one of the original C-Bus installations on the Gold Coast and elsewhere.

Repairing C-Bus systems requires the C-Bus engineer to work on 240VAC systems. The C-Bus relay and dimmer modules are connected directly to the 240v cable system. As such, a qualified and appropriately licensed electrician is required for any disconnection and re-connection of the 240v wiring to these modules.

If you are looking for a C-Bus Electrician with many years of fault finding experience to repair, reprogram, modify or update your C-Bus system on the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Kingscliff, Byron Bay or surrounds, give Electricians Plus a call today

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