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C-Bus Repairs

EP Automation by Electricians Plus has been repairing, servicing, reprogramming as well as designing and installing C-Bus and RTI Automation systems for many years. We have been offering C-Bus services since C-Bus came onto the market in 1998. Our lead engineer was on the very first C-Bus training course held in Queensland. We specialise in C-Bus repairs and are also electrical contractors so there is no requirement to engage two parties (Integrator and Electrician) to resolve your issues.


Flashing Switch Indicators after button press

C-Bus Electrician and Programmer

It doesn't matter who installed it or when

As C-Bus Electricians and Programmers, we have been repairing Clipsal C-Bus Systems for more than 25 years. It doesn't matter that we didn't install the system. C-Bus is not password protected so we simply require physical access to the system to be able to connect, document, diagnose and restore the system to full operation. We also repair the original C-Bus 1 Systems.

We have the spares in stock

We carry most common spares and should be able to get your lights back on in one visit. In the unlikely event we don't have the correct spares we can order directly from the Schneider Distribution Centre in Brisbane and have the spares delivered overnight (or in emergency cases the same day (additional fees may apply in this instance)).

Flashing indicators on switches?

One of the most common faults we see is the indicator on the switch flashing when pressed. This is a symptom of bad communication within the C-Bus network. In most instances it is caused by a faulty (or failing) power supply in the system. If this is happening to your system on a regular basis then get it checked out as one failing power supply can put additional load on the remaining power supplies and cause them to fail. The example on the left is a rather extreme case. In this specific instance a number of issues contributed to the problem. Salt ingress in three switches and two failed stand-alone power supplies. Our happy customer had been without operational lights for two days. We fixed it in one visit!

Lights coming on by themselves?

Another less common problem is lights coming on randomly without a switch press. There is nothing worse than the bedroom lights coming on by themselves in the middle of the night. This can be caused by a number of issues and can take time to resolve. However C-Bus is pretty bullet-proof and it will normally take a defining event for this to occur. Lightning strikes on the property are a good example. We have many years experience in resolving these 'Ghost Message' issues and will get you back to a good nights sleep in no time.

Colour Touch Screen not working?

The biggest issue we see with C-Bus ColourTouch screens is where the screen appears to be operating correctly except it doesn't switch the lights on or off when you press a key. If you turn the light on from the switch, the indicator on the screen show that it is on or off. This is a simple repair. there is a C-Bus transmit circuit that fails. An easy repair and cheaper than replacing the screen with something else. If your Clipsal C-Bus Colour touch screen is not working then we can fix it. Colour Touch Screens are no longer sold by Clipsal and went 'end of life' in 2015


Our Customers Rate Our Service Second to None

We have been repairing C-Bus systems for many years and our customers rate us 5 out of 5 for service

Fast Performance

We can normally attend within a day or so of you contacting us or same day in emergencies

Speak Directly to our Engineers

If you are having problems we can have our engineer call you directly.

We've Come a Long Way

32 Years in fact

Our engineers have many years of experience. In fact one of us was on the very first C-Bus course. This equates to years of experience in both C-Bus, RTI and networking. Electricians Plus has been servicing the Gold Coast Since 1984. Along the way we have won a National Electrical Contractors Excellence Award for an Automated Commercial Premises and been runner up on the second occasion that we entered. In other words our peers judged us to be the best in Australia. Just take a look below to see what out customers think. In fact, that is the most important judgement criteria and we are proud of it. To all of our customers past and present, Thank You!


We Love Our Customers

This is what they have to say about us

After a number of years and a lot of money spent trying to ascertain the problem with our C-Bus system we found Marty Holland from Electricians Plus.  Marty was prompt and professional and was able to discover the problem within minutes of arrival and went out of his way to source the parts necessary.  The problem was fixed and though an expensive exercise (6 or 7 panels had blown) Marty has saved us a lifetime of anxiety.  We can recommend Marty of Electricians Plus without reserve as it is apparent that nobody knows C-Bus like Marty does.”

We have had a couple of C-Bus 'experts' take a look at our lighting system. They had made a few changes in an effort to resolve a problem hat made lights come on by themselves all to no avail. Marty from Electricians Plus walked in and within minutes was pretty much across our issue. He used an oscilloscope and was very forthcoming in explaining what he was doing. He changes a faulty relay device in our electrical cupboard and we haven't had any issues since. We thoroughly recommend Electricians Plus and Marty. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

We called Electricians Plus to have a look at our C-Bus screen that appeared to be working but wouldn't control any lights. We had another local C-Bus sparky tell us that the screen was beyond repair and that it would cost us upwards of $10k to replace the system. Electricians Plus took the screen and had it repaired for under $500. Quite a difference in price. Just goes to show that it is sometimes worth getting a second opinion.

HM Brisbane

JS Arundel

Adam Paradise Point


EP Automation by Electricians Plus

C-Bus Repairs Gold Coast

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